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Piano lessons live online provide you with

skills to play your favorite songs

at the piano or digital keyboard.

Have you always wanted to play the piano?

The piano or digital keyboard is among the most visually graphic of musical instruments to help you learn to play. Patterns are very easy to recognize as well as half and whole steps necessary in making music. Taking lessons with me will help you recognize these patterns. Before long you will be playing your favorite pieces! 

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Many thanks to Anita Dock for her endorsement.

Carol's passion for music is carried through in every aspect of her work with music/piano students. I have known and worked with Carol for the past 11 years performing together in an 8 member band. Carol plays the keyboard for this band. Her own vast study of music has been an asset as she plays professionally, transposes music, or modifies music styles to fit the creative needs of a performance with our band or in other venues. Because of this training she is a wonderful teacher passing on all this knowledge to students whether she is helping a student interpret music or understanding the music theory to perfect the final piano piece. She also has been able to offer piano instruction over the internet demonstrating her ability to modify instruction for the needs of her students. She gets so much joy from music which is contagious to anyone that works with her. I highly recommend Carol for anything that allows her to share her musical talents. 

Owner of Anita Dock RD LD CDE CLT/ Nutrition Consulting  

By signing up for piano lessons live online

you will receive help to learn music

you always wanted to learn.

During piano lessons live online you will be able to see and hear me on your computer monitor and I will be able to see and hear you. The same ideas will be covered as if you were in my studio but you will be able to use your own piano or keyboard.

Are you looking for a patient supportive teacher who enjoys helping you get from point A to point B in your study of music? That is exactly what you will find when you study with me. Click on Meet Your Teacher

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If the weather is bad and transportation to the lesson is an issue, or if you have mobility problems, piano lessons live online can be a great idea for you. With modern technology you can learn from anywhere live and online.

In order to study over the Internet you will need a digital keyboard or acoustic piano, a computer with webcam, an internet connection via free downloads: Skype, Facetime or google hangout.

Piano Lessons Live Online Equipment

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Thanks to my students and colleagues for your very

kind remarks regarding my piano teaching.

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"I used to play piano and was trying to start playing again. I needed a teacher and my daughter found Carol on Angie's list. She bought me a series of piano lessons for Christmas. What a great gift! I would never have thought of finding a piano teacher online. We Skype our lessons and it has been awesome. Carol is an excellent teacher. She is encouraging and patient. She knows my level of ability and has recommended books that have helped me get back into playing for enjoyment. I would like to learn to play by ear and possibly write some music and she is teaching me to understand music theory and helping me to have an understanding that was skipped over in my piano lessons as a child. I look forward to my lessons and knowing I have a lesson stimulates me to practice at least a little bit! I would recommend Carol to anyone at any level of ability. I love Skyping my lessons. I don't have to take the time out of my day to drive somewhere. it is incredibly convenient. Thank you so much Carol!"   

from Corey in Florida, 

You can see more reviews from Carol's piano students,

student's parents or grandparents and give your own reviews here:  

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"Carol is a talented pianist and a stellar piano teacher. I know few people who have given back to the community as completely as Carol has and continues to do. Carol is committed to her craft - one honed by years of painstaking work with students and rewarded largely by their accomplishments. Her website is amazing for integrity and depth of useful, solid, authoritative information. Her personal integrity is amazing.” 
Jeannette Ramirez, Principal, Wordsmith Enterprises, LLC, author of Literati Limericks: Academic Arcana in Pithy Quips, A Keepsake Book of Love and Marriage and the eBook: An Alphabet Trip to the Limerick Zoo

By taking piano lessons live online you will proceed at your own pace to learn to play. You will be able to help structure your own experiences as follows in learning:

Concepts and Skills

(1)to play your favorite melody or melodies with chords.

(2)sight reading to play in bass and treble clefs reading sheet music

(3)all about famous composers, the times in which they lived and how to play repertoire from different eras in history, from an
historical perspective

(4)to play from chord charts with chord symbols and lead sheets. I will teach you to improvise. You will also learn the basic jazz chord progression, the 12 Bar Blues

(5)to understand and actively use the elements of music to learn music theory so that you will get a deeper understanding of the piano music that you will be playing.

(6)to learn play your favorite songs by ear.

(7)to learn technical skills through scales, arpeggios and chord progressions to be able to play any type of piano music

(8)to learn basic composition techniques and how to write your own music on staff paper which may lead you to songwriting when you learn how to write a song.

9)to learn lessons online in real time: beginning piano lessons, for beginners at any age including young toddlers (to see a sample lesson click on Lonny Begins Lessons); Intermediate Lessons, whether you are a child or adult; and Adult Piano Lessons

Music Learning Experiences

Piano Lessons Live Online will help your mind remain active with music stimulation through concentration, eye-hand coordination and honing your aural, visual and playing skills. Musical concepts are presented to my students with the best teaching methods for different learning styles. Every person is different in the way he or she learns. I was educated to understand these differences and teach to accommodate all learning styles.

Research has shown that the entire brain is used while making music. This recent information is very exciting. To read all about encouraging new discoveries of keeping your brain active by learning music, go to brain fitness.

Self Confidence

While learning to play the acoustic piano or digital keyboard you will develop pride and great enjoyment that comes with learning to play. If you are a beginning student at piano-lessons-live-onine you will soon be able to play your favorite songs for yourself, your family, and friends. If you are a more advanced student you will learn to expand your knowledge of piano literature.

Discovering inner peace and wellness comes with the fun and excitement of learning beautiful music. You came to the right website. Check out my very informative website pages and click on Register Here for:

Piano Lessons Live Online.

Please see my Facebook page: Carol's Piano Studio for interesting articles from many musicians and other writers relating to music and the piano.

Piano Lessons Live Online Blog
The Piano Lessons Live Online "What's New" page keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the piano-lessons-live-online.com web site.
Why Piano Lessons?
Why piano lessons? You will see how they help us in many ways.
Beginning Piano Lessons
Beginning piano lessons at any age teaches favorite songs, new skills, and magic moments.
Lonny Begins Lessons
Lonny begins lessons as a toddler.
Intermediate Lessons
Intermediate lessons are ready for you after you learn basic skills at the piano.
Adult Piano Lessons
Adult piano lessons are relaxing, accommodate all learning styles, and bring much joy of accomplishment no matter how young or old you are.
Equipment You Will Need
Equipment you will need for piano lessons live online includes a piano or digital keyboard, internet connection, computer and webcam.
Recreational Music Making
Recreational music making is an opportunity to play music with other people in a relaxed environment.
Meet Your Teacher
Let me introduce myself as you meet your teacher.
Links to other sites including music organizations, instrumental and vocal teaching sites can be found on this page.
Brain Fitness
Brain fitness from learning to play the piano creates new mental pathways.
Learning Styles
Learning styles vary depending on if a person is a visual, aural, or kinesthetic learner.
Elements of Music
Elements of music are ready to be explored at your piano lessons.
Melody refers to a tune or song with tones written horizontally and played one at a time.
Harmony is made up of two or more notes or tones played at the same time in what is known as a 'chord'.
Rhythm is the relationship of note durations in time.
Form gives structure to a piece of music by dividing it into sections.
Instrumentation tells us for what instruments the music is notated.
Expressive Elements
Expressive elements, such as dynamincs and rubato, make the music come alive.
Historical Perspective
A historical perspective is one approach with musical exposure to learning piano by visualizing a timeline.
Baroque Era
The Baroque Era of music history brought us composers who wrote music for the clavichord, harpsichord and fortepiano.
Classic Era
The Classic Era in music history came about with the Enlightenment, a period of time when all aspects of life emphasized naturalism and individual freedom.
Romantic Era
The Romantic Era was concerned with the ideal world expressed musically by lyrical emotional contrasts.
Impressionism in music history began in France where glittering splashes of color, whole tone, pentatonic and modal scales are used.
20th Century
20th Century music for piano had many diverse styles such as neo-Romantic, neo-Classic, twelve-tone and jazz.
Sight Reading
Sight reading is an important skill in learning to play new music by focusing on the music page and not on the keyboard.
Sheet Music
Sheet music helps us read and play composed music notation.
Free Music
Free music is available in the public domain to download online.
Songwriting is a fun learning experience when you compose your own lyrics and music notation for vocals and instrumentals.
Metric Structure
The metric structure can be iambic pentameter, anapest, or tetrameter.
Lead Sheets
lead sheets, chord charts, jazz, melodic, harmonic
Piano Chord Chart
Piano chord chart provides chord progressions over which the performer creates an improvisation.
12 Bar Blues
The 12 Bar Blues is a chord progression not only used in blues but in all types of jazz
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