Links to Professional Sites

Links to professional sites including music organizations, instrumental, and vocal teaching sites can be found on this page.  There are many professional music teacher organizations in the United States and around the world to support piano, instrumental and vocal pedagogy (the art and science of teacher education). 

If you have other suggestions of music organizations and teaching sites please leave me a message on my Comments page.


1. Music Teachers National Association - MTNA

2. National Federation of Music Clubs - NFMC

3. National Guild of Piano Teachers - NGPT

4. Association of String Teachers of America (ASTA)

5. National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)

 Instrumental Teachers Websites

1. Piano and Keyboard

~ How to Play the Piano - A free resource to help struggling pianists understand and play better.

2. Strings

3. Woodwinds

4. Brass

5. Percussion

~ - Want to learn to play the drums? Get free drum lessons and tutorials to get started here.

Vocal Teachers Websites