Adult Piano Lessons

Adult piano lessons are relaxing, accommodate all learning styles, are therapeutic, and bring much joy of accomplishment no matter how young or old you are. Students have said that studying piano with me offers them a wonderful means of self expression.

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), English Author (from "Music at Night", 1931)

Many thanks go to one of my adult students for her comments:

“Carol teaches music in a very consistent structure yet includes a nice variety in her lessons so that she maintains your interest, teaches the essentials yet provides the opportunity to expand your musical interests and techniques in different directions. She has a very softly controlled, gentle yet firm teaching style.” Nancy Silver, fine artist, nurse, cantorial soloist, October 18. 2012

Have you ever wished you had taken piano lessons as a child?

Would you like to have the fun of taking lessons now?

Another student sent me the following comments regarding her adult piano lessons:

"Piano has come alive for me, after far too many years, due to, yes, my desire to learn and Carol's ability to teach in a nurturing environment.

I wanted to learn harmony and through Carol's teaching methods and her quiet, patient personality, I have reached my goal.

I sit at the piano, everyday, and play wonderful show and classical music.

The joy I feel when I play, is so uplifting. Thank you, Carol!"

Sandra, learning specialist teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio

Do you want to:
(1)keep up with your children and grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and others musically?
(2)bring the generations together?
(3)learn to play duets with your family and friends while enhancing your relationship?
(4)play for and with others at parties?
(5)play just for the joy of making music at the piano?

You may ask, "can I still learn to play my piano or keyboard at my age?"

YES, YOU CAN! and without having to leave your home. All you need is a piano or digital piano/keyboard, a computer with a webcam (many are already built in) and cord to plug into your router/modem from your computer.

I am here to give you a FREE session to help you check that your equipment is ready before your lessons begin.


Playing duets is not only a lot of fun playing with others but a great way to help keep a steady tempo and to aid in counting. Sit back, relax and enjoy listening to the following duet by clicking on the arrow below. It is the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #2 with Victor Borge, comedian/pianist, and Zhahan Azruni.

At this time if you have any questions to ask me before signing up for lessons now is your chance to go from adult piano lessons to the page called Comments