Here is the Comments page for piano-lessons-live-online where you can ask questions you would like answered before signing up for piano lessons on the Register Here page. You can also present your ideas on such things as concerts you attend, pianists you admire, and the kind of music you enjoy most.

Have you ever been to a live piano performance where the pianist plays on a concert grand piano on a stage in a large hall? If you have not done this, look around in your area  for such a concert to attend. You then have the opportunity on this website to explain how you feel after experiencing this kind of concert. If you liked it explain why. If you didn't like it you can tell the reasons for your dislike.

Answers to the above and to the following questions will help me to choose the kinds of songs that you would like to learn to play. 

Do you like classical music? If so what kinds of classical music?

Do you like folk music? If so what kinds of folk music?

Do you like jazz? If so what kinds of jazz?

If you like specific types of piano music or if you would like exposure to all type of music please let me know in your Comments below.

Here is the page for your comments on the questions below.

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An article from the World Encyclopedia said "the piano has one of the broadest and most diverse ranges and styles of all musical instruments. As such it can bring a great many modes of music together. It is an instrument ideally suited to exhibit the virtuosic work of a soloist, yet equally serves from the more humble place of accompaniment. Its breadth renders it a desirable and frequent partner instrument in the service of harmony. The piano is a versatile keyboard instrument widely used in both western and non-western music for accompaniment, composition, solo performance, and as a rehearsal aid."

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