Equipment You Will Need

Equipment you will need for piano lessons live online includes a piano or digital keyboard, internet connection, computer and webcam.

Piano lessons live online are waiting for you. I can help you get started in your FREE set up lesson. As soon as you register we can discuss these items if you have any questions.

~1. Laptop Computer, PC or MAC with microphone and webcam.

~2. Most computers have a built-in microphone and many already have a webcam. However, for those of you who do not have a webcam in your computer, you may wish to purchase a portable USB webcam with a stand. If your computer has one built in it would also be helpful to buy one that is portable (although not manditory). This would help me to see your hands and keyboard from different angles including close ups. I can make a better assessment of your progress regarding your fingering and hand position.

~3. An acoustic piano: spinet, console, studio, grand or digital piano with weighted touch sensitive full size keys and an 88 key keyboard is what you will need. See your local piano stores or check out those online if you don't already have one in your home. There are many choices. Choose a piano bench that is adjustable if possible.

~4. Internet connection such as Skype and Google video and chat. These are FREE and easily downloaded to your computer. With Google video and chat you will need to have a G-mail account (also FREE). Go to It is very easy to do. These connections help you connect with people from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

~5. Direct broadband connection instead of a wireless connection is best for clear video and sound.

~6. Good lighting is important for best images which includes a lamp on your piano that shines directly on the music rack in addition to one behind you or off to the side to shine directly on the keys and your hands.

After purchasing the equipment you will need, go to the "Register Here" button to register for your piano lessons from the privacy of your home.

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