Free Music

Free music is available in the public domain to download online. There are several sites free of charge you can access.

Some of these sites are:



3.  Do a Google search for online public domain free piano music sites.

4. The Mutopia Project has a library of public domain sheet music that is comparable to Project Gutenberg's library of public domain books.

5. The IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) is creating a virtual library containing all public domain musical scores as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without cost. It began on February 16, 2006 when over 76,000 scores and 1,000 recordings for over 30,000 works by over 4,000 composers have been uploaded, making it allegedly the largest public domain music score collection on the web.

The library consists mainly of scans of old musical editions out of copyright. In addition, it admits scores by contemporary composers who wish to share their music free to the world by releasing it under a Creative Commons license.

IMSLP offers possibilities as a musicological encyclopaedia, since multiple and historical editions of a single composition can be uploaded, and musicological analyses and historical commentaries accompany the scores. Pages on publishers provide valuable information, and the work pages themselves often contain a large quantity of information.

One of the main projects of IMSLP was the sorting and uploading of the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach in the Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe (1851–99), a task that was completed on November 3, 2008.

In addition to J.S. Bach's complete public domain works, all of Beethoven's, Brahms', Canteloube's, Chabrier's, Chausson's, Chopin's, Corelli's, Debussy's, D'Indy's, Dukas', Fauré's, Ferroud's, Handel's, Huré's, Magnard's, Palestrina's, Ravel's, Roussel's, Satie's, Schmitt's, Schubert's, Schumann's, Scriabin's, Sibelius', a large percentage of Mozart's, Liszt's, and others are available as well.

6. Contemporary composers, such as Carol Matz,  Andrea and Trevor Dow  have posted Free sheet music of their own as well as great new music composed by other people on Facebook.  Go to   

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