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My name is Carol.

I am a nationally certified teacher of music. My studio is called

"Carol's Piano Studio".

My degrees are in music education/piano and a masters in secondary education with an emphasis in piano pedagogy.

In addition to teaching all ages of children and adults in public schools, private schools, and my home piano studio, I held the position as chair of an Ohio Federation of Music Clubs Junior Music Festival for several years, and have been adjudicator (judge) at many piano festivals. I perform as a solo pianist, chamber musician, and accompanist for many instrumentalists and vocalists. It is so much fun playing all kinds of music. I play keyboard in a folk rock band (see photo), two pianos eight-hands ensemble, and community 'Big Band'. They are all exciting music experiences for me. Donating my time to charities such as Bricks for Cancer Research and playing at many nursing homes helps fulfill the need to bring joy to others with my ability at the piano.


Thanks to a colleague for the following endorsement.

"I certainly want to endorse Carol as a superb piano teacher, teaching beginners through advanced students, including adults. She also teaches several online students. I have known Carol for over 20 years. We have performed together on Matinee Musicale programs, also piano duos and duets. We are both NCTM, National Certified Teachers of Music, in Music Teachers National Association.

Carol has made arrangements for the Wyoming Ohio Junior High String Orchestra and also arranges for a Folk-Rock Band. She is very versatile.

Please check out Matinee Musicale 100th Concert Season, which is dedicated to the late Louise Dieterle Nippert.  

Carol is the webmaster for this wonderful concert series. Through the years such artists as Lotte Lehman, Beverly Sills, Pinchas Zukermen, Itzhak Perlman, Arthur Rubenstein, Joshua Bell, Marina Piccinini, & Alexander Toradze have graced the Matinee stage.

Carol is a performer, arranger, theorist, webmaster, and piano online teacher."

Shirley Schnizer,  pianist, piano teacher, adjudicator, accompanist, May 2013

Many thanks to the lead guitarist in our folk/rock band for his comments:

“Carol is an amazing musician. It has been a pleasure playing with her in our band. She has a deep knowledge of the piano and of music. She is a tremendous performer with a wide repertoire. And she is a truly good person.” Andrew Berger Shareholder, Katz Teller Brant & Hild, October 27, 2012


Teaching piano is a career that is very rewarding. Many of my students begin at the age of five or six and continue until they graduate from high school. Some go on and continue to study in college and beyond. Some people I teach become piano accompanists to help with their expenses. Teaching several generations in some families has been very rewarding. How enjoyable it is for me when former students call and visit from time to time filling me in on their continuing progress at the piano and other musical endeavors. Some of them return to study with me during summer vacations. Students who play in yearly music festivals receive high ratings and return year after year. They are very motivated and feel great about their musical accomplishments.


When you meet your teacher you will see that my teaching style begins by building on your musical strengths. I help you to develop comprehension of music skills and concepts. Each child or adult is taught differently based on each person's needs. The concepts are the same but the method of teaching the content can be the same or different dependent upon learning styles: visual, aural, kinesthetic or a combination of all three styles of learning.

Piano pieces are carefully chosen for every student. Your music likes and dislikes are taken into consideration. When you meet your teacher online or in person you will discover that your music needs are always given much positive and constructive encouragement.


Can you imagine the delight in the minds of people who have positive happy experiences listening to the music that is played for them? When I have an opportunity to play for others, I look at their faces at the end of the program. I ask myself, "are they smiling? Are they crying? Are they clapping a lot so that I can take yet another bow? Do they come back stage to get my autograph? Better yet, am I invited back to have the joy of playing for them again?"


Although technology is new in regard to lessons online, my students who have taken lessons via their computers excel in their learning experiences almost as if they are studying in the same room. You will learn the same songs and same concepts as you would at local lessons.


Parents and grandparents of my piano students, some who have not ever taken piano instruction or studied it when they were younger, take lessons to learn to play duets with their children and grandchildren as well as for their own self satisfaction.

I will teach you how satisfying it can be to study music at the piano. Students have said that their piano lesson is the happiest part of the week.

Now that you had the opportunity to meet your teacher, please give me the opportunity to meet you.

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