Recreational Music Making

Recreational Music Making, also known as RMM, provides an opportunity to enjoy playing music with other people in a relaxed environment. This form of making music is sweeping the country for older adults although it can be a big success with any age. Musical as well as non musical goals are achieved in this method.

The primary non-musical goal of this wonderful music class is having just plain fun playing piano with others in a totally stress free experience: no recitals, no competitions, no practicing necessary. Socializing while playing with others provides an outlet for people to thoroughly enjoy music together. In this day of computers and cell phones that can often be impersonal, increasing relationships via musical outlets such as getting together with family and friends to make beautiful music can be very rewarding experiences.

Some of many possibilities you might like to try in a small class environment online or locally:

1.Learn to play melodies of your choosing

2.Learn to play chords from lead sheets or chord charts to accompany your favorite tunes

3.Read simplified piano scores of symphonic works from major classical composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, or Schumann, for group playing

4.Play piano score reductions of a vocal work (opera, musical, oratorio, cantata, etc.)

5.Play pop songs, show tunes, ethnic music and more to share in the joy of playing the piano with others; even singing along with the melodies.

6.Learn improvisation techniques

7.Learn all about jazz and how to play it on the piano

Getting together with other pianists can be exhilarating when several people make music at the same time in your local community and/or on broadband cable. I can teach you how to play the piano music you would like to learn in order to play with others using RMM, Recreational Music Making ideas. You supply the content (songs you would like to learn to play) and I will supply the concepts (ideas on how to do it) in order to play the music you love.

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